Mayday Button – Review of New Amazon Tech Support Product for Kindle Fire HDX

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The ever growing behemoth Amazon has recently just upped the ante for the tablet industry by releasing the Mayday button functionality to their new line of Kindle Fire HDX tablets.

This new method of tech support for struggling tablet users should have an increase in sales for Amazon, who currently has about 1/10th of the tablet shares as Apple and their iPad tablets.

What is the Mayday Button?

It happens everyday. We get a new device, rip open the box, turn it on, and we realize that there is a limited instruction manual. In the case of Apple, there really is no instruction manual. So what happens when we have a problem?

Amazon has answered the consumers’ response by creating a free, live one-on-one tech support for users who need to learn how to use the Kindle tablet. Right from the homescreen, the user can tap the Mayday Button icon and in a short period of time, be connected to a live video chat with a tech support specialist. The user will see the tech support agent right on their screen.

After touching the Mayday help button, I found that I only had to wait about 30 seconds before being connected to a tech support agent. I first had to ask, “Can you see me like I see you?”

The agent let me know that with this new support function, the customer can only see the help staff, but they cannot see the consumer. This should put to rest all of the questions potential customers have regarding an uncomfortable face-to-face communication as well as keep pranksters at bay.

I then was instructed how to use the tablet in a quick, step-by-step fashion, and the support tech was able to even draw on my screen and help me click through the buttons. As part of Amazon’s attempt to continue to grow, the tech staff showed me how to purchase books from the Kindle store right from the tablet.

I was impressed with the ease of use for the Mayday button and with how helpful the tech advisor staff person was. I am not sure, but I can predict that this new and free technology will make the Kindle Fire HDX tablet a top seller this year. Since many tablet users, especially those with little tech experience continue to want tablets for daily use, the Mayday button will allow for their peace of mind and offer a potential better alternative than opting for the more popular Apple iPad.

Nate Rio is an experienced techie and tablet user. To learn more about the Mayday Button and the new Kindle Tablet, visit the Mayday Button blog.

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Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Tablet Review With Mayday Button

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Mayday Button Overview for the New Kindle Fire HDX

It is no doubt that the new Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Tablet is flying off the shelves now due to the introduction to the all new “Mayday Button.”

Amazon and their CEO Jeff Bezos introduced the all-new Kindle Fire in 2013 with the new tablet that will give Apple a run for its money in the handheld tablet industry. The main reason people are switching over to a new tablet is the fact that Apple, though being relatively easy to use, does not come with an iPad instruction manual.

The Kindle Fire HDX 7″ on the other hand, along with its other screen size versions, now include a handy, built-in tech support to aid in the user’s experience.

On the top of the screen interface, there is a little mayday button icon, when clicked will give you a live, one-on-one tech support agent to help you out in the user experience process.


Let’s say that you need help getting new content on your Kindle; an example might be a new book or movie from the Kindle store. You can click the icon, and an agent will log into your tablet (considering you are connected to the internet with its Wi-fi) and guide you through the steps.

Average wait times last I checked were about 30-45 seconds. Sometimes sooner, sometimes a little longer depending on the time of day.

Note however, for those thinking that this is a fun game you can play at parties to entertain your friends, the agent is visible by the tablet user, but the tech support agent can NOT see you! So keep your pants on guys!

The gal infamously known as “Amy” by the kindle commercials on tv, is a paid actor and is not one of the actual agents that will be helping utilize your new tablet.

Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Tablet Review

The Fire HDX comes 7″ with the all-new HDX Display, included Wi-Fi, as well as the Optional 4G LTE Wireless connection for internet on the go. You can choose your LTE wireless through Verizon and At&t currently.

The sizes come in 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB, which are pretty standard for most tablets nowadays.

I use the Kindle tablet a lot for work and play, so I appreciated the fact that it comes standard with OfficeSuite and Outlook for work, and Gmail and the Google Calendars function for my personal events.

I have used the Mayday button support at various hours of the day, and per Amazon, they offer live tech support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (366 days on leap years folks!)

**AWESOME Alert: the Amazon App store not only offers 100,000 apps available for free and for purchase, but they offer a FREE app download from their paid selections once per month!

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How Does the New Mayday Button Work?

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Here is a quick video we made explaining how the Mayday button works. For more info, read the article on how the new Mayday Tech Support technology will increase Amazon Kindle sales.